Say “OK Google” and make a search without your hands

In many ocations we don’t know how to make the most of our devices. Today, thanks to Google, we are going to learn how to use our device without using our hands.

Many of you had recently view that a new phrase “OK google” appears in your Android mobile browser.

It’s mean to use Google Now without using your hands and throughout your device.

How to do it?
Open your Google application and say “OK Google” or press the mic to start. If you prefer to say “Ok Google”, remember to activate your sound preferences, so that your device could remember the sound of your voice will saying that phrase.

Google suggests us voice cattegories. If you want to have a look at them visit Google Now and say “Ok Google”, then say “Help”.

Some actions that we are able to perfom with Google:

  • Set a remeber task (Example: “Remember to call John at 6 p.m.”)
  • Access the agenda (Example: “When is my next meeting?”)
  • Track a package (Example: “Where is my package?”)
  • Website access(Example: “Visit”)
  • Open an application (Example: “Open Gmail”)
  • Take a photo or a video (Example:”Take a photo”)
  • Call a friend (Example: “Call Geoge Martín”)
  • Send an e-mail (Example: “Send an e-mail to Juan Sánchez, subject, new shoes, message, I’m freaking out to saw you my new shoes, dot”)
  • Detailed navigation (Example:”Take me to Castle Square, Pamplona”)
  • Search local commerce (Example: “¿Where can I find a pizza restaurant?”)

and “voilá” all this and much more only with your voice, wiht out using your hands!

Hernán González Buteler

Es Ingeniero Informático y Director de Proyectos en