Automatization control via mobile

Today, thanks to the wide penetration of mobile devices in our daily life, we can use them to manage industrial automations.

Through a gateway conector OPC ODBC we could be able to manage any system automatization connected to an industrial network or gateway. OPC is a protocol that can be applied to all the industrial automatization regardless of their own manufacturers protocols (Siemens, Mat Ushita, etc).

OPC ODBC allows us to transfer the variables that we need to a Database System, per example MYSQL.

These variables are stored in a database system that could be directly edited from the application, Android – iOS (iPhone-iPad).

These systems are managed through a mobile phone:

  • Remotly manage automatitations whether they are industrial, domotic, Smart city, etc.
  • Incident/maintenance management of systems,in a highly precise manner and avoiding timeouts.
  • Remote incident/maintenance alert management. With PUSH notifications.
  • Analisys and study of the variables that will allow us to optimize automation to improve the time, processes, etc.

In NetBrain we’ve made a prototype with the University of La Rioja, for monitoring and managing a KLIUX vertical axis wind turbine .

We can develope mobile & tablet applications that are able to control, from a different location, any type of automatization.

Wind Generator Interior



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